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FM & Tracking

MiX Telematics is a global provider of information and related services for the efficient and effective management of mobile assets.

Founded in 1996, MiX Telematics emerged from a background in Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking. Over a period of more than 10 years, the business has built a solid reputation for designing, developing and selling innovative fleet management technology and vehicle tracking services for the consumer and commercial vehicle market.

Stolen vehicle recovery:
MiX Telematics are leaders in stolen vehicle recovery thanks to our leading edge GSM based technology. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that if your car is hijacked or stolen, we will respond with a dedicated team of highly experienced recovery personnel equipped with rapid-response helicopters and ground response vehicles – absolutely free of charge. And with GeoLoc, chances are we will know about the theft even before you do.

Fleet Management:
We design and develop state of the art fleet management products, which provide the most comprehensive range of fleet management information available today. Data is supplied to your mobile phone, via email or via our internet portal, namely DynaMiX.

Vehicle Tracking:
MiX Telematics offers various vehicle tracking solutions to meet your every need whether you’re a consumer with safety as a priority or a fleet manager with commercial tracking requirements. Our tailored tracking products and solutions will empower you to know where your vehicles are from anywhere in the world via the internet or your mobile phone.

We offer a range of controls and reports to help customers keep track and ensure compliance, where applicable. Our technology allows you to conduct your business in line with environmentally friendly regulations and the general safety of your workforce.