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Sunstar is the largest OEM supplier of motorcycle and all terrain vehicle ATV sprockets and brake discs in the world. In fact, your bike probably came from the factory with Sunstar. Trusted on more brands than any other, Sunstar offers the best combination of lightweight, strength, quality and durability. This is why Sunstar sprockets and brake discs come installed on more makes of motorcycles and all terrain vehicles than any other.

Designed and built with precise fit, Sunstar Sprockets, Chains and Brake Discs deliver the ultimate performance for all off-road, on-road and racing applications. Fit your bike with the brand that the engineers who designed it trust:

Sunstar – #1 in Sprockets and Brake Discs.

Sunstar’s high-quality aftermarket brand BRAKING, and OEM fitment on the world’s most respected motorcycle brands, make it #1 among riders and factory engineers alike.