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4G Simple Tracking Lease Solution

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Seter provides vehicle tracking systems that empower companies to monitor and manage their fleets. Our customers can track the GPS positions of their mobile assets on digital maps 24×7, 365 days per year.

Seter GPS tracking systems are installed by our qualified Installers, probably the only company in Lebanon offering an in house installation service securing the warranty of customer’s vehicles.

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After the provisioning tests, the vehicle information including make, model, license plate, and odometer value are recorded in our database. Vehicles can then be tracked by their license plates and trip odometer data will be accurate. Pro-active fleet management warnings are configured. The GPS tracking devices continuously record the vehicles’s activities through out the day.

  • Seter GPS Tracking Installation: Satko GPS tracking systems are installed by our qualified Installers. After the provisioning tests, the vehicle information including make, model, license…
  • Seter Customer Training: After the installation is completed, our training starts. We offer live on-line training sessions twice a day every working day
  • Seter Optional Inputs and Features: We integrate and remotely configure the installed optional vehicle sensors and driver monitoring equipment and provide user training
  • Vehicle Tracking Unit Transmits Data: The vehicle and driver activity that is collected by the tracking unit is transmitted to our data center using the cellular network
  • Vehicle Information is Processed and Stored on our Servers: Vehicle and driver information is processed and stored on the servers in our data center
  • Users Track their Vehicles On-line: The users log into our website or use our iOS and android apps to view all of the activities of the vehicles. They can also build optimal routes, create…
  • Fleet Management: Seter suppliers SaaS solution guarantees data integrity, reliability and consistancy across platforms. Customers can access Webtracs through web browsers, smart phones, and tablets. Our powerful API provides a wealth of integration opportunities

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Benefits of GPS Tracking and Fleet Management:

  • Seter GPS vehicle tracking systems provides companies with visibility into vehicle location, speed, mileage, and other insights into driver behavior. Companies reduce operating and capital costs, while boosting revenues.
  • Our customers can manage their fleets, monitor daily routes, and incentivize safe driving.
  • By comparing planned trips to actual completed trips, real-time as well past performance, companies can make immediate corrections as needed, and optimize future planning with real world feedback.
  • Real-time positioning available anywhere empowers managers to make fast and accurate decisions.

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